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Our products are Pure Radiant Energy stands for top quality natural ingredients with no artificial and not tested on animals. 100% pure and Natural Even the preservatives are organic natural plant extracts. This product has precious ingredients such as: Hyaluronic acid, coenzyme-Q10, Glycolic acid, Vitamin A,E,C,B, Plan polypeptide. PRE is paraben free. For more information, please check the website

Acupuncture/ Facial Acupuncture

Shiva golpira is our acupuncturist and doctor of tcm, and beauty specialist. After getting her bachelor degree in psychology at simon fraser university she pursued her dream of becoming a registered acupuncturist and continued her studies in the field and finished her doctor of TCM ( traditional chinese medicine). She has over 6 years of experience in giving facials and all different facial beauty procedures. Shiva completed mary elizabeth wakefields constitutional facial acupuncture course in 2016 and have been giving rejuvenating facial acupuncture with the use of needles and special chinese herbal masks.

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• Acupuncture
• Facial Acupuncture
• Vitamin Injections
• Weight Loss Package
• Classic Facial
• Anti aging lifting and firming facial
• Microdermabrasian & Chemical peel
• Oxygen Renewal Facial
• Ultimate anti aging Systems

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