All the facials will start with cleansing massage and toning , an Enzyme peel treatment and a soothing massage on face, neck, chest and shoulders will follow the facial treatments.


Classic Facial  (Price: $75)

All the essentials in a 60min tailor made facial designed to respect individual needs for all skin type. Includes cleansing, toning, Enzyme peel, steam, Extractions, massage and mask followed by toning and moisturizing.

Advanced facials Treatments:

Anti aging lifting and firming facial  (Price: $130)

Its a non surgical facelift with no down time, Immediate result. A gentle treatment using micro current, it works on the facial muscles like going to the gym. It lifts, firms and tones facial muscles, and smooths out wrinkles. It also vitaminize the deeper layers of the skin.

Hydra dermi Facial  (Price: $115)

Hydra dermi is a spectacular treatment with a visible effect on the skin. With this treatment Galvanic current will peneterate the active ingredients and vitamins deep to your skin and High frequency will provide supply of oxygen, while anti septic and bacterial effects will heal your skin to a soft and smooth radiant look.

Microdermabrasian & Chemical peel facial  (Price: $130)

Peeling and Dermal infusion. Dramatically diminish fine lines, Restore firmness, and improves tone and texture of the skin, removes the dullness. This medical grade treatment, combines three treatments in one: Exfoliatin, Pore evaquation of dirt, oil, and toxins, and infusion of topical solution customized to target a variety of skin care concerns. Leaving the skin smooth and refined with a visible radiant glow.

Oxygen Renewal Facial  (Price: $85)

The oxygen facial generates new skin cells and promotes production of collagen and ellastin and also acts as a bactericide. Hydrates and nourishes while soothing and pampering. Leaves your skin visibly revitalized.

Ultimate anti aging Systems   (Price: $165)

The most advanced facial technologies. A combination of Microdermabrasion , Chemical peel, Microcurrent and high frequency, will approach multiple layered to your skin care. It reduces fine lines, Tones facial muscles, lift eyelid area, redefine cheeks, firms and improves skin tone, texture and clarity. Improves blood and lymph circulation.

Brow and lashes

Brow tint   (Price: $15)

Lash tint   (Price: $16)

Brow shape  (Price: $75)

Ion detoxe body cleansing  (Price: $35)

Energizing and pain relief. Aids blood circulation, Break down cellulite and trap water, fat and waste , and remove the toxins through lymphatic system. Decrease urges to smoke and craving for sweets.
Recommended 12 sessions.

Special Packages

1-Hydra dermi facial with Ion detoxe body cleansing. (Price: $129)

2-Ultimate anti aging facial plus 1/2 hour massage. (Price: $230)

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